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No More Black Eyes: Mess-Free Eye Makeup with Shadow Shields

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eye shadow fall-out

How to prevent under-eye mess due to eye-shadow fallout during application:

  1. Hold a bit of Kleenex under eyes to protect foundation/concealer as you apply eye shadow. (Takes practice to do without a third hand.)
  2. Do eye makeup first, wipe away shadow debris, then apply foundation, concealer and the rest.
  3. After foundation and concealer, stick on a pair of adhesive Shadow Shields to catch falling shadow. Remove once eye makeup is complete.
  4. Dust under-eye area generously with loose powder to protect concealer; when eyes are finished, whisk powder away with a fluffy brush. (Creates a subtle highlight under eyes, but can emphasize wrinkles.)

Hmmm? Oh, you want to know more about Shadow Shields? OK: Created by southern-California-based makeup artist Michelle Villanueva (introduced to me via Facebook by mutual friend pro-artist Andrea Claire), Shadow Shields are lightly adhesive polyester cresents designed to catch falling shadow during eye makeup application -- like this:

Shadow Shields are an industry hit: celeb artist Mally Roncal offers kudos on the company website, they've made a wee cameo in "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" (a show I've come to enjoy -- young Nick has genius comic timing and delivery), and Sephora thinks enough of them to make them their Sephora Brand Shadow Shields ($21 CAN/$16 US for 30).

Plus as you apply them, it's fun to intone all Star-Trek-like, "shields up."

Shadow Shields are available at and