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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Denis Gagnon Spring 2010

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The thing about my "if I were skinny" approach to fashion is that I'm not restricted by notions of what might or might not suit my personal style. If I love a sweet, airy, romp-in-fields-of-flowers frock, I can picture my rosy-cheeked skinny self at play in said dress. And right now, I imagine the fiercely confident, hella-fit self who'd rock any of these creations from Denis Gagnon's Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which had the Montreal Fashion-Week crowd on its feet and cheering at the end of his highly anticipated show. That he doesn't appear to be showing at Toronto's LG Fashion Week next week is disappointing.


Inspired by the 1920s futuristic film Metropolis by German director Fritz Lang, Gagnon elevates the zipper from the practical mundane to avant-garde adornment, bold in graphic, rippling swaths of gleaming metal or delicate and feminine in waves of thin plastic. Besides that, his unique construction drapes and hugs the body beautifully -- a favourite is a stunning leather jacket that twists and curves snugly around shoulders, arms and torso (I. Want. It.).


Jewelry by Harakiri complements the mood, and of course, Gagnon's leather bags for Fullum & Holt are supple, detailed and gorgeous (outside my budget, but I nearly bought one last season, in black although I adored the white; I may break this time around). As for the custom booties by Aldo -- you have got to see them, here on

Not your everyday zippy looks, these.

Images courtesy of Jimmy Hamelin.