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Montreal Fashion Week: Glamour Beauty Tips from the Spring 2010 Show Pros -- Two Kinds of Smoky Eyes & Soft Curls

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If you're just tuning in, wondering what all this fashion-week stuff is, it's a little series of makeup looks in a setting where flawless beauty is key. And it's all done using drugstore products, Pantene and almost 100% CoverGirl (the line of course doesn't include crazy colours necessary for some of the more avant-garde looks).

This isn't about breaking beauty rules, it's about showing you that you can get the same look using exactly the same stuff, and leave yourself with enough in your wallet to take yourself out to show off your good looks.

Here, two versions of smoky beauty: Feeling sultry with a side of innocence? Go for a smudgy smoky eye like this example from last night's Eve Gravel show, and keep things sweet with long soft curls. This headband is a little so-last-season "Gossip Girl," but if you like the look, there are tons to choose from out there that are a less "Queen-B." (Or is it Bee?)

The drugstore list (with one stop at Sephora for a $10 eyeliner):

  • Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadows in #110 Shimmering Sands (sand shade all over lid, soft brown in the crease, champagne pink highlight on browbone and inner corners -- "Everyone should have this trio for the holidays, actually. It's beautiful with every skintone," says Catherine Laniel, Creative Director of Makeup for Montreal Fashion Week)
  • Outlast All-Day Smoothwear Eye Liner in #300 Onyx along upper and lower lashlines
  • Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow in #760 Tapestry Taupe blended into black liner at upper and lower lashlines, and to intensify the outer vee of the crease and lid
  • white eye pencil on inner lower rims to keep eyes bright -- try Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil in Flashy Silver
  • LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara in #800 Very Black on curled lashes
  • define brows lightly with a powder shade that matches your hair
  • TruCheeks Blush in #4 along cheekbones
  • TruShine Lipcolor #410 Coral Shine ("Another colour that looks great on every skintone," declares Catherine. "Because it's sheer, it lets your own lip colour show through, which ensures it works with your colouring.")
  • Wetslicks Amazemint Lipgloss in #635 No Care Bare on top

Feeling outrageously sexy and totally full of ’tude? Go for a healthy glow and a smoky eye with more edge, more black liner and false lashes, too. This look from Myco Anna's show is a little over-the-top, fun for club night. Soften the hair and eyes up some if you look older than 25, though. Defined ingenue curls have a narrow looks-good-for-your-age window, and fake lashes combined with that liner add years to an older face.

The drugstore list:

  • Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Eye Shadows in #115 Golden Sunset: lightest shade swept in an arc from inner corners to browbone, medium shade on lids into the crease, darkest shade layered in the crease, on the outer third of the lid and along lower lashes.
  • Exact Eyelights Eye Liner #700 Vibrant Pearl along the base of upper and lower lashlines
  • fill brows in lightly if you need to with powder that matches your hair colour, but stick to the natural shape, not too defined an arch
  • Quo False Lashes #807
  • LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara in #800 Very Black -- curl lashes before applying false lashes; mascara blends the real with the falsies
  • Cheekers Blush #105 Rose Silk dusted along cheekbones defines them
  • Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush #230 Lush Berry on apples of the cheeks keeps the look youthful
  • TruShine Lipcolor #400 Powderpink Shine
  • WetSlicks Lipgloss #318 Honey Talks

The Bathroom-Sink Salon:

For a long-curls look similar to these, a DIY video seems like a good plan. And in this vid, you'll actually see how to do it yourself because the model demonstrates on herself. (It's a bit different watching a stylist -- you don't see how to hold the tools yourself, how to move your hands or arms in the direction you need.)

You want to start your style with shampoo and conditioner that encourages the style you want. If you have fine, flat hair, use something like Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick. If your hair needs TLC to recover sheen and bounce, try Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal. You choose. Post wash-and-condition, you'll need a styling aid such as Extra Fullness Mousse for a volume-boost, and a little gel, such as Curls Curl-Defining to help maintain the curls. You'll get the idea from the following vid. The vid isn't by Pantene, but that doesn't matter. The DIY moves are the same, and it's yet another example of how you can "look like money" without spending too much of it.

CoverGirl is available at drug, grocery and masss-market stores. Image courtesy of Jimmy Hamelin.