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Office Friendly: Moments Waterbeads by Upper Canada Soap

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Staff is futzing over my posting about something that is obviously not a beauty product. But I submit that anything that gives you a little lift or break from something tedious, like fretting over a problem, is good for one's countenance and therefore indirectly a beauty product. Kind of like chocolate but without the calories.

Once such item is Upper Canada Soap's decorative Moments Waterbead Diffusers. Glistening silicone spheres plumped up with water and scent, Waterbeads are mesmerizing, glimmering fun to stir around when you're puzzling through a problem. To me they're like bubble tea, such quirky amusement that you can't swizzle them around and maintain the grumps. And the airy scents -- Citrus Tea Leaves, Crisp Linen (my fave), Lavender & White Tea, Sugared Almond, Tropical Pomegranate, Vanilla Musk and White Cedarwood -- are a quick pep-up to get you through a sluggish moment. The best part? They're a fragrance item that offers a mental refresh without infringing on other people's scent sensitivities.

During Friday's Shopping Channel appearance I said repeatedly that Waterbeads are absolutely cubicle friendly. You can have them out on your desk in an open-office environment without affecting the general airspace of your co-workers because the fragrance doesn't waft much further than the container. (And because the gummy-like beads are plentiful, you can stir them in the glass jar without clinking the sides -- you don't want folks to be lured at the thought you might be making martinis only to be disappointed.)

Now if you're wondering why anyone would make something that doesn't fragrance an entire room -- yes, I wondered the same thing -- does it matter? Non-invasive scent works in the Waterbeads' favour. They're a momentary escape from whatever bugs you, and won't put out your neighbours.


Moments by Upper Canada Waterbead Diffusers are $20 per bottle of beads, glass carafe, stir sticks and bottle of refresher fragrance at; the inclusion of an additional bottle of beads at no extra charge is exclusive to The Shopping Channel.