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The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream Revisited: Stuff I Couldn't Talk About is on The Huffington Post

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I admit it. Again. I wimped out when former child sex slave Somaly Mam was in Toronto to talk about The Body Shop's campaign to end child trafficking around the world. Happily, some other reporter types aren't quite so squeamish.

Well okay, writer Katherine Gustafson didn't speak with Mam for her comprehensive piece that appears on The Huffington Post. But she cites UNICEF's estimate that more than 1.2 million kids are trafficking victims each year, mostly of sexual slavery. She quotes the U.S. State Department's Luis C. de Baca, Abassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, who pointed out that although millions are enslaved around the world, only 3,ooo cases of trafficking were prosecuted last year. She relates a story from Kailash Satiyarthi, Chairman of the Global March Against Child Labor, that reveals how much cheaper it is to buy a child in Nepal than a cow. And she talks to Sophie Gasperment, The Body Shop's Global CEO, about the company's commitment to and involvement in helping to build awareness and a movement to stop the horrors.

You don't have to buy a lovely Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream to help -- there are other ways if you want to search them out. That said, by earmarking $6 out of the $10 price for Beyond Borders, a Canadian organization helping the cause here at home as well as globally, The Body Shop has put an easy way to contribute within a hand's grasp.

Click here to read "Retail Takes on Slavery" by Katherine Gustafson on The Huffington Post.

The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand cream is available at The Body Shop boutiques and via Image courtesy of The Body Shop.