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Whip it Good: Drew Barrymore's Roller-Girl Style and Beauty Tips from Canada's CoverGirl pro Greg Wencel

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I've been having a love-affair with yellow for a while now (I wore a yellow silk BCBG top for a "Canada AM" appearance and a yellow-and-white print Banana Republic top for an "ET Canada" bit). I'm thinking Drew Barrymore is a bit into yellow, too, perhaps inspired by her promo shot (above) for CoverGirl's LashBlast Length Mascara, launching this November? Or maybe the black net gloves were inspired by her film. Either way, the Alexander McQueen dress (below) she wore for the TIFF premiere of her movie Whip It echoed that LashBlast Length image with its yellow and black netting. (I loved the red-carpet dress -- if I were skinny I would wear that. Totally appropriate for the subject matter.) And although the reviews of her co-ordinated hair colour were not great, I liked it simply as an indication Drew's still channelling her inner roller-derby girl.


I'm also now having a fling with eye liner. Something about Whip It struck a strange beauty chord with me, unexpected because it's not the fresh, pretty look I lean toward. I liked the movie's makeup edge, the playful, don't-care-what-anyone-else-thinks feel of the heavily rimmed eyes, slashes of winged liner and determined smears of colour. Similar elements have shown up on runways over the years, but never really made much of an impression on me. Maybe I just need beauty to be tied to a fun story? (Whip It is certainly fun -- I watched it like I was playing a video game, bobbing and weaving in my seat, with a fleeting thought that Drew and her crew had to be too busy watching the screening to notice the loon a few rows ahead.)

Makeup artist Dee Daly was inspired by the subject matter, too; here's the look she did for me at the pre-screening cocktail for the TIFF premiere, courtesy of P&G Beauty. (With me is superfab Julia McEwen, assistant style editor for Canadian Living; her makeup is by her own talented hand).


Post TIFF premiere, I found out Canada's Cover Girl makeup pro Greg Wencel (you can see his gorgeous work in many of Canada's top mags, and on the current cover of Glow Magazine, below -- and look, liner!) had been in the green room with Drew before the press conference. So I checked in with him for tips on how to get her wearable daytime version of roller chick.

Glow Oct Cover


"Drew's press conference look [left] was an 80s vibe in a neutral palette," said Greg (below, with the star). He suggested eyeshadow shades in warm browns, chocolate and bronze. Curl lashes, then apply black khol liner along upper lashlines and on inner rims, top and bottom (see a close-up of the look here). Brush the bronze tone over the lid and under the lower lashline, smudging liner as you go. Intensify the outer corners with your chocolately brown, then finish with a few flicks of black mascara. Sculpt cheeks with a little bronzer, swept from temple to just under the cheekbone, then dust a peachy blush on apples of cheeks to make the complexion glow. Top off with a slick of sheer, shimmery bare gloss such as CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint Lip Gloss in No Care Bare (note: if you have naturally pale lips, try a pinky shade like Tickled Pink instead).

Drew Barrymore and CoverGirl makeup pro Greg Wencel

Back to CoverGirl LashBlast Length mascara: if you want a chance to try it before it hits stores in November, it's up next in's Product Review Club. Roll on over and check it out. And make a plan to see Whip It, which opens nationwide this Friday. Whip It: good.

CoverGirl LashBlast Length image of Drew Barrymore courtesy of P&G Beauty. Image of Glow magazine courtesy of Glow magazine. Image of Drew Barrymore and Greg Wencel courtesy of WireImage.