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Local News: Consult with Ojon's Denis Simioni at Murale October 2

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Some like to call charismatic Ojon founder Denis Simioni the Indiana Jones of haircare on account of his Central American adventure to find the home of Ojon oil (see the "movie" here). He's actually become something of a Canadian sensation thanks to the brand's success as well as his popular and lively appearances on The Shopping Channel. And this coming Friday, October 2nd, in his first-ever public appearance, he'll be meeting shoppers at Murale at The Shops at Don Mills in Toronto. From 10 am to 12 pm, Denis will offer personal consultations and tips on prepping hair for cold weather, as well as share coveted Ojon product samples.

If you can't get to Murale this Friday morning, BeautyGeeks is pleased to offer you a consolation prize: a chance to win one of Ojon's new Restorative Leave-In Treatments with Colour for dry, damaged hair. Made without silicone, sulfates, parabens or artificial colour, the amino-acid fatty-acid and antioxidant-rich conditioners crank up healthy, frizz-free shine with naturally-derived oils and butters. In the Blonde Hair formula, turmeric root and mangosteen's yellow pigment boost blonde hues. Chinese Reishi mushrooms and magnolia bark enrich brunette tones in the Brown Hair leave-in, and Japanese Astaxanthin Algae, a red algae, helps keep colour vivid in the Red Hair treatment. A clear leave-in formula restores hair of any shade; all four contain mica to turn up the gleam volume even further. They're not hair dyes -- they don't stain the hair -- so you can use any shade you want to warm up your hair colour as it conditions.

To enter to win an Ojon Restorative Leave-In Treatment ($31 each), Canada-based subscribers (click here to sign up) can send an OJON RESTORATIVE e.mail to Please include your full name, age, shipping address and phone number, as well as your hair colour. Five winners will be randomly selected after Monday October 9th.

It's no trip down a rainforest river in Central America, but who says you can't appreciate an easier route to beauty?

Restorative Leave-in Treatments colours

Images courtesy of Ojon.