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Dark-Circle Eraser: Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer

If you have undereye circles so dark you can't seem to camouflage them, you need these tips and this concealer. Also, two words: PEACH and ORANGE.
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Cover FX Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer

Cover FX Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer: its peach/orangey shade corrects darkness on light skin

If you have dark undereye circles that persist in peeking through every effort you make to veil them, rundon'twalk to your nearest Cover FX sales point. Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer is your new cover-up hero.

With its orangey hue (peachy in the fairest shades), Conceal FX ($27 CAN/$25 US) is not your ordinary cream concealer. Orange is the key to covering up dark, dark circles -- South Asian and dark-skinned makeup-savvy women have known that for years. A freaky thing happens when you tap orangey concealer over bluey dark circles: the orange blends to a flesh tone that disappears into the surrounding lighter skin, with zero hint of ashy grey.

Conceal FX is the first I've seen that includes orangey (well, peachy) concealer for pale complexions. It'll seem way too orange when you first squeeze a bit onto the back of your hand, but lightens up as you tap into it with a brush or fingertip before applying it. The consistency is stickier than any other liquid or cream concealer I've tried, but it's a plus -- rather than slide over the skin, the stuff stays where you put it yet easily allows sufficient blending for a disappear-into-skin effect. (I used Conceal FX on a bride the weekend before last. Suzie has golden-olive skin and undereye circles that are quite dark -- we did a happy dance at the results. With just a little product, her shadows disappeared completely and the concealer itself was pretty much undetectable.)

There are six shades in all, from X-Light to X-Deep. Take note: if your complexion is similar or lighter than mine, which is usually light/medium, the Light colour is going to make you crazy. In CoverFX world, you and I are actually X-Light (actually, I'm between X-Light and Light). Sure it's a little strange, but either way, colour me impressed.

Conceal FX is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and Sephora in Canada, and at Sephora in the US. Image courtesy of Cover FX.