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U-Can-Do-It Beauty: Benefit Celebutante Personal Stylist Makeup Kit

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At a wedding I did this past weekend (I hope the pretty bride lets me post a photo -- superstar hairstylist Alexis Jardin was magic), a bridesmaid asked me what my favourite makeup brand is. She was perusing my kit, as many do, and noted that I have items from so many different companies that a clear preference on my part is difficult to discern. That's because I love many brands for many reasons. But after I explained my love philosophy, a fave that came to mind is Benefit.

The Celebutante Personal Stylist Makeup Kit ($45 CAN), coming in October, is one of the reasons I love Benefit so. Genius sweet packaging grabs attention immediately, and who doesn't adore miniature cosmetics? But on account I'm a geek who feels heart-hurt whenever I hear someone say "I dunno how to put on makeup," my appreciation for Celebutante and other Benefit kits hinges largely on the enclosed easy-instructions pamphlet.

Celebutante's step-by-step shows you how and where to use each item in the box, whether you're familiar with them or not. For this kit, all you need to know is how to apply foundation (in this case liquid -- dot forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and blend over moisturized skin) and concealer (in a C-shape from inner top lid to under-eye circles, around the base of the nose, maybe under the lower lip). After that, just follow the clear how-to illustrations.

Celebutante hits counter next month, but in the meantime you can bone up on instructions for other Benefit makeup kits (which are aces for travel, by the way); they're online for no-effort-save-a-couple-of-clicks viewing.

See you soon, you DIY-beauty, you.

Benefit is available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques, Murale, Sephora and select Holt Renfrew stores in Canada, and via in the US.