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F is for Fragrance Fixings: Aromachology Customized Perfume

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The idea of creating your own exclusive fragrance sounds kinda fancy, doesn't it? Designing a truly signature scent that highlights your unique personality, reflects your mood, embodies your style... the concept certainly holds inner-celebrity appeal.

Well, you can indulge your J-Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani or Shania leanings via Canadian company Aromachology, which is bringing a simplified custom-fragrance experience to the beauty counter.

Based on the study of the link between aroma and mood (similar to aromatherapy, without emphasis on healing), the process starts with 10 questions to suss out your perfume personality. That personality will correspond with one of five base scents: "sophisticated and sensual" floral, "totally edible" gourmand, "exotic and spicy" oriental, "clean and fresh," and "bold and brisk" woodsy. Adding three top-note blends selected from an available 15 gives the base its true-to-you twist. Those include Sexy (amber, jasmine, rose and vanilla), Spontaneous (tuberose and citrus), and Creative (juniper berry and carnation).

Of course, like J-Lo and SJP, you don't have to stop with your first creation. Note choices named Confident (frankincense, jasmine, cedar and boysenberry), Open-minded (orange blossom and vanilla) and Seductive (ylang ylang and rose) play to the idea of a fragrance wardrobe, dressing with scent that appeals to the mood of the day or the task at hand. "I always choose fragrance based on how I'm feeling at that moment," says co-founder Kirsten Menkes.

Aromachology's blending service includes an even more simplified version aimed at men who want to have a scent made for that special lady. "Men want to be thoughtful, but often don't want to put in as much work," laughes Menkes. "Ten questions was too many, so we came up up with a two-step approach that works just as well."

A boxed, 100 mL size bottle is $160; a 5 mL size with two 10 mL refills is $70. Not yet in Canadian stores, Aromachology debuted during TIFF in a pop-up location across from the lobby entrance of the Four Seasons Hotel. (Kirsten might be kidding when she says she still hasn't washed her hand after her George Clooney handshake....)

Image courtesy of Aromachology; for more information. This story also appeared in the Metro News.