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F is for Fixer-Upper: Enter the Style At Home Makeover Contest Now

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Staff's on at me for telling you about Style at Home's Makeover Contest only now, when there's just one week left to enter. But I know how things are. If you've got a room in your home that needs decorating attention, chances are it's been that way for quite. some. time. Besides, how much time do you need to snap a pic of a room?

Go on, get out your trusty digi-cam, point, shoot and send in your entry by September 24th for a chance to win one of two grand prizes of a $2,000 Home Depot gift certificate. Or, if you're too shy to reveal your sadly-lacking wreck of a space to all and internet sundry, starting on September 25th you can devote time to posting comments on other people's submissions and voting on potential winners -- you'll be eligible at least to score one of 20 $50 Home Depot gift cards. Visit for all the deets.

Of course if you win, there's no guarantee you'll spring immediately into redecorating action with your happy Home Depot acquisitions. But that's not the point, is it?

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