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Geeking Out: Bourjois Paris Makeup How-to Videos Totally Rock

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Just caught a post on Lipstick Powder n Paint about the history of Parisian cosmetic brand Bourjois Paris, which my jet-set model friend Liis had introduced me to when she brought some items back for me from a trip several years ago. Cute, pretty, and familiar because I'd also spotted the line in several pro-artist makeup kits. Thanks to Ellen's post, however, I've discovered that what Bourjois Paris does better than most is produce makeup how-to videos.

A major peeve for me when it comes to many instructional vids is that you can't clearly see what the makeup artist does. Not so with these by Bourjois Paris. Simple camera work and great lighting highlight Bourjois colour director Christophe Durand's every move, and what makes it even better is that he uses the applicators that come with the product. No fancy brushes, no complicated techniques. And you can see exactly where to place each shade, how to apply liquid liner (including how to extend the flick for that cat-eye effect), where to put shimmer, how to get a better mascara application with a business card (you'll see), and more.

Surprisingly, there is no Bourjois Paris voiceover; although you can see the obviously gregarious Durand chatting (presumably in French), you'll only hear a musical soundtrack. I was so into what he was doing that I didn't notice at first -- geek. The how-to text is lower down the screen, under the vid window.

Looks include seriously sexy and modern party looks pretty much anyone can try (choose shimmer instead of glitter if you look older than 34), as well as standbys such as three types of smoky eye, the classic red lip and a fresh nude face.

Heck, staff's been watching them non-stop since I showed her the first vid. She's been prepping for TIFF with the Bourjois Paris "Electro Rock" look, just because it says "festival" in the description. Well, it'll be an improvement on the technique she's demonstrated thus far (you don't want to know).

Go. Bookmark. Watch. Practice. Then slay with your own knockout-gorgeous self.

UPDATE 2014: Well, everything changes. The Bourjois Paris how-to videos I loved so much have been replaced by new ones. They're still worth watching, though :-)

At the moment, Bourjois is available to Canadians only via (the line was at Sephora when it first opened in Canada, but no more). Come October, however, Bourjois will be available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale; visit