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Flat-Iron Curls: A How-To with Hair on the Avenue via

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I could tell you how to get pretty curls with a flat iron, but a how-to vid is so much easier. Plus, the host, stylist and model are all so much hotter than I am, and I don't mean because of the styling tools.

Wait -- what? You're stuck on the curls-with-a-flat-iron thing? Where've you been? Girl, you gotta know that curls with a curling iron is so 2000’n’late. Once slim, bevelled-edge flat irons hit the hair-styling market a handful of years back, creating soft curls took a slightly different turn.

Not that the curling iron is quite out the salon door. It's just that if you're going to spend bucks on a pro tool to bend your unruly hair to your will, you might as well spend them on a flat iron you can use for curls too.

The h2pro 300 Special Edition professional flat iron ($160 US) hits an in-charge 450 degrees superfast, exactly what cranky, stubborn hair needs to get in line. (Be sure to use a styling product with anti-heat damage properties, of course.) Apparently the iron also has some kind of nano technology to remove bacteria and pollutants from the hair, but why is a mystery. I've never worried about bacteria in my hair -- I usually let proper washing and conditioning take care of such things. Whatever. The more important thing is that with a hot-hot-hot tool, you'll get results that will make people wonder whether you're living with your stylist.

Speaking of hot-hot-hot, here's the video link.

h2pro tools are available in Canada at Angles Hair Salon,