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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Gap 1969 Premium Always Skinny Jeans

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I had a Craft Burger burger for dinner tonight. So I can't wear these Always Skinny jeans. Betcha if Anja Rubik (right) were to have a burger (including the bun), she wouldn't be able to wear them either.

I did attempt to try a pair on. Got one snug-fit leg on up to the knee, had a mental flash of looking like Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee's younger sister (danged apple-bod shape) then ripped ’em off real fast. I'm not getting into those this week. Or next.

But, hello, I love the Long and Lean cut, which miraculously fits me well at the waist, hips and butt. Oddly for a style called long and lean, they're so boot cut they're more like flares on me. But they look good. Kinda groovy. And they're comfortable, all soft denim with two per cent elastane to give a little.

Named for the year Gap first opened, 1969s all ring in at around $80. As well as Always Annoyingly Skinny and Long and Lean, styles include Real Straight, Perfect Boot, Sexy Boot (like Perfect but with a lower rise), Curvy and the Boyfriend (but without the key accessory -- sheesh). Sizes go up to 34 in regular and tall lengths, and finishes include deep-dark to grey washes and distressed.

Now all I need are some tops groovy enough to wear with my groovy new jeans. That's another shopping story.

Image courtesy of Gap Canada.