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Head Gear: The Microfibre Hair Wrap

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Wanna cut your blowdry time? Get a microfibre hair towel or wrap. Just wind wet hair up in the soft, super-absorbent fabric (no rubbing necessary, a plus for fragile hair), and let it go to work sucking up all that extra moisture. By the time you finish applying your post-shower face and body skincare and get your knickers on, your ’do should require less than the usual time with your blowdryer. As well as saving your hair unnecessary friction and you time, this thing cuts your hydro expenses, too.

Microfibre hair towels or pre-fashioned wraps are available at Superstores, drug and department stores, and (free shipping in Canada; no minimum order) for between $7 and $15. The Upper Canada Soap hair wrap in the photo above is $15.

FYI: you can also find microfibre cleaning cloths at your local dollar stores. Not quite as soft as the towels for hair, they're genius for cleaning mirrors, chrome, computer screens and more because all you need is water (dampen half, do the wipey-wipey, then buff with the dry part).

Image courtesy of Upper Canada Soap Company.