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Oh Goody: Petite Bobby Pins and Ouchless Flex Headbands 'n' Barrettes


I'm going out on a statement limb: one of this season's smartest new beauty tools is Goody's Colour Collection Petite Bobby Pins ($3.49/pk). About two-thirds the size of regular bobby pins, "petite" bobby pins fall into the how-come-no-one-thought-of-this-sooner? category. Next thought: have mini hairpins existed for years only in Asia, where all the quirki-coolest beauty stuff lives?

I hardly ever use hair pins, actually, yet I've felt occasional annoyance at the standard bobby-pin length. Sometimes they're just too long to hide in the hair, and a tad unwieldy when doing the finishing wrap on a ponytail. This smaller size allows for more precise pinning.

Also clever from Goody this Fall are the Ouchless Flex Pressure-Free Headbands ($3.99 each), contoured to fit your lid sleekly without ever digging in, and Comfort-Flex Updo Barrettes ($3.99/pk), simple, flexible, metal-free clips that hold hair fast without making an ouchie impression when you lean back or lie down.

Headgear is making progress.

Goody hair accessories are available at major food, drug and mass market retailers;