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F is for Face-Off: 3-D Imaging Shows Cosmetic Surgery Clients the Light Hand

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The secret to good cosmetic enhancement is tiny tweaks that refresh the face rather than change it. Trouble is, you don't know what you'll get with most cosmetic surgeons until after the work is done.

At his Yorkville-area office in Toronto, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cory Torgerson aims to help his clients see the light hand. With an imaging system called the Vectra 3954 with Face Sculptor, Torgerson can use three-dimensional digital photographs and step-by-step virtual alterations to show patients what they might look like post-procedure. Results, he says, come very close to the digital predictions. A real-patient portfolio should back that up.


In this series of images, Torgerson showed me what my mug could look like with resurfaced skin (via laser or microdermabrasion), a slightly reshaped nose and a little filler in my cheeks and lips. I'm not ready for any changes -- and I'm not a fan of cheek fillers at all -- but the before-and-after show-and-tell is a freaky kinda fun. You can likely tell, but the "before" me is on the left.


Dr. Torgerson isn't the only cosmetic surgeon in Canada who believes less is best when it comes to enhancement, but he is one of only a few in the country with this software at the moment. And, unfortunately, he's now shown the world that really, there's not a lot between my ears. Sheesh. (Staff's laughing a little too hard at that. Double sheesh.)

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