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Helping Hands: The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart hand Cream

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The Body Shop's newest aid program is about putting a stop to sex trafficking of children and young people -- a distressing subject, to say the least. International activist and spokesperson Somaly Mam (right), a beautiful woman from Cambodia, has lived that hell. As a child she was sold into sexual slavery by a man her memory still can't classify (he passed himself off as her grandfather) and forced to work in a brothel along with other young girls, all of whom were abused and worse.

I confess, I passed on an opportunity to interview Mam when she was in Toronto last month. I'm amazed at her strength, her determination to shed light on the subject of trafficking children and her dedication to make it stop. But I couldn't handle it. Even now I'm having trouble writing a simple post that has anything to do with the evil some people can inflict on the most vulnerable, defenceless among us. For more info, visit The Body Shop the Somaly Mam Foundation.


The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Heart hand cream is the donation vehicle. Silky and fragranced with a pretty, light, feminine scent, the lotion sinks quickly into skin to soften without leaving a sticky or slippy residue. Out of its $10 CAN price, a substantial $6 from each purchase will go to Beyond Borders, a Canadian organization which has added its voice and resources to the fight against child sexual exploitation worldwide, including Canada. (Net proceeds from the sale of The Body Shop's Bag for Life totes, $5 CAN, are earmarked for the Somaly Mam Foundation to help victims in Cambodia.)

The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand cream is available at The Body Shop boutiques and via