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Suck Up: Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment

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Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment

Thought I'd let the staff write the headline for today's post. Now I have to explain it. *sigh*

Ever watered a completely dried-out orchid? The potting mix is so dry that it can't absorb anything on initial contact, so the water runs right over everything straight into the saucer. (I can hear the staff mocking my lack of green thumb; that girl has no sense of when she should suck up. Geez.)

The point is that a super-dry porous surface, whether orchid potting mix or maybe your kitchen sponge, cannot immediately absorb liquid without a little help or soaking time. And when it comes to dry, damaged hair, it seems Ojon's been thinking about those suck-up issues.

Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment ($43) is designed to prep hair for an immediate, thorough absorption of amino and essential fatty acids in the line's shampoo, conditioner and treatments. Apply it on dry hair, leave it on for five minutes, then hit the suds. The prep functions as an extra conditioning step for parched, fragile locks.

If you know or have heard of Ojon, you likely know its Restorative Hair Treatment ($65), the single product that launched the company in 2003 and quickly became a beauty cult hit. It has the brand's highest concentration of pure Ojon oil, and according to the company, clinical tests showed that dry damaged hair improved by 52% after just one use and 64% when used as an overnight treatment.

The Ojon story is becoming something of a Canadian... well, legend. Handsome, rugged Hamilton man finally investigates a jar of mysterious brown oil he's had sitting around for a couple of years since a relative left it behind. Immediately taken with its transformative power, the hazel-eyed man, Denis Simioni, embarks on a journey to learn more about the oil's origins. His quest takes him to the rainforests of Central America, and is complete with a single-propeller plane, dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, an hours-long hike before encountering locals who can point the way, a five-hour boat ride and the eventual meeting between Simioni and a Miskito tribe called "Tawira," which means "the people of beautiful hair."

When staff's not looking, I may change that headline to "Soak Up...." Sheesh.

Ojon is available in Canada and the US at Sephora, and For more retailers visit