Matte Nail Polish: Zoya, OPI and an OPI Giveaway from The Style House.ca


Matte nail polish is frankly a bit odd. Reminds me of grade school and thinking Liquid Paper corrector sounded like a good idea for nails because it came in a little nail-polish style bottle and had a brush on the end. (Let's chalk that up to low beauty expectations due to my tender age and sheltered childhood.)

Still, matte nail polish is on the tips of some fingers right now -- Zoya and OPI both have no-shine offerings this season.

Of the two collections, I've tried OPI's La Paz-itively Hot ($10.95), a hot pink shade. (The group includes matte versions of favourites Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy and You Don't Know Jacques.) I used it without basecoat (shiny basecoat gets in the way of matte) and sans topcoat. It dried pretty fast, looked like coloured liquid paper, and chipped by the next day. Still... neat. (Fashion tried Gargantuan Green Grape -- take a look.)

I'm quite tempted, however, by Zoya's Matte Velvet grouping ($9 CAN/$6 US each). The trio includes a grey, which gets me on sight because my heart has long belonged to grey. Called Loredana, it's a great gunmetal shade shot through with silvery shimmer to give the finish life. The darker shade, Dovima, is supposed to be a matte black, but looks like a deep grey instead, so I'm liking the idea of that one, too. Posh, a deep velvety red, looks rather handsome on nails as well -- I've been peeking at nail-polish reviews. (Oooh! Sephora by OPI Matte Metro Chic ($12 CAN/$9 US) looks like my colour too -- a "dark smoke with a hint of purple.")

One more thing about the matte finish: to keep it matte you have to avoid applying lotion, so it's not for superdry hands or the dead of winter. (Lovely @fashioncanada (Fashion Magazine) sent @beautygeeks a tweet to say hand cream "gives the polish more of a satin finish," which sounds kinda nice, actually.)

Hey, you wanna try a matte polish? My friend Afiya at TheStyleHouse.ca is giving away OPI's matte collection. Go! Enter! So you, too, can time travel back to grade school. In Technicolour.

Zoya is available at select salons in Canada and in the US at artofbeauty.com. OPI is available at select salons across Canada and the US; opi.com.


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