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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Adidas Techfit Powerweb Tank (+ the right sports bra)

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Shopping for a stylin' fitness wardrobe is workout incentive, I say. Forget baggy stained tees and saggy-knees leggings -- wearing something like that just makes a girl feel like an unattractive whale on a sesame-seed bun. Well, maybe just me, but you get the point. As much as you are what you eat, you are what you wear, even at the gym.

This Adidas Techfit Powerweb tank top ($64.99) appeals on many levels. Made from ClimaCool® stretch nylon, it encourages good posture via its supportive fit, facilitates improved muscle performance, and accentuates a fit physique.  Its sleek cut and high-tech detailing says "athlete" rather than "shopping with my long-suffering little dog."

Of course I can't wear the Techfit Powerweb Tank yet. Darned apple-body shape. But I can still shop in prep for my return to the 5-Factor routine Canadian celeb trainer Harley Pasternak prescribed for me a few months back. Sports bras are my starting point. Good thing I recently wrote something for that gave me tips on finding the right style and fit for my -- er -- generous proportions.

Find out whether you're making the right sports-bra choice. And make that "formerly generous."


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