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Makeup Housekeeping: BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanitizers

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Ever thought about the bacteria that lives on your makeup? Sure, you've shuddered at what camps out on beauty-counter samples, but your personal make-pretty stuff hosts colonies of ickies too. They commute between skin and makeup via applicators and fingers. And if, like many, you're a "little" lax on cleaning brushes and sponges, you've got rush-hour traffic back and forth. Scratch colonies. Think metropolis.

"Good cosmetics hygiene can help prevent build-up of common bacteria that can lead to skin irritation, pink eye and even acne," says pro artist Nancy Crossley, who has worked with Jim Carey, Suzanne Somers and Wayne Newton. Crossley is also behind the team of experts who created BeautySoClean, a collection of makeup sanitizers clinically proven to kill germs 100 per cent dead in as little as 10 seconds.

The star of the Canadian lineup is a Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist ($12) to spritz directly onto the surface of makeup, whether powder or cream. It disinfects as it dries, but doesn't affect the product's texture. Individually packaged, pre-moistened Sanitizer Wipes ($12.50 per box of 48) are ideal for cleaning lipsticks, liners, lipgloss wands and mascara brushes. A Conditioning Brush Cleanser ($20) refreshes natural and synthetic bristles for more hygenic makeup application.

"The magic is in the emollients," says Crossley. "Alcohol works in perfect harmony with conditioning ingredients to eliminate bacteria without altering the formula of the cosmetic."

A hit with a number of influential Hollywood makeup artists, including Oscar-winner Greg Cannom (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), BeautySoClean is also the sanitizer of choice at cosmetics counters in The Bay stores across Canada.

Really, BeautySoClean may be the quickest, easiest way to clean up your act.

BeautySoClean is available at The Bay, Murale and Image courtesy of BeautySoClean.