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Beauty Pills: Glisodin Skin Nutrients Professional Nutricosmetics

Feeding your skin with "nutricosmetics" may seem odd, but this kinda makes sense.
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glisodin skin nutrients

Does good skin live in a capsule? Maybe...

Popular in Europe, health-and-beauty supplements are still eyed with a certain amount of mistrust in North America. "You are what you eat" is a cliche, but co-exists with the dismissive "so little of what you eat actually reaches your skin." Well, I can tell when sugar reaches my skin. Or when water doesn't because I'm not drinking it. After a long stretch of careless diet habits, I've seen how just a week of healthy eating makes a discernable complexion difference. And I notice improvements in my skin when I add good-skin supplements to my routine.

Newest in my supplement cupboard is Glisodin Skin Nutrients, which spins on a melon extract rich in natural, powerfully antioxidant enzymes called superoxide dismutas. Clinical studies suggest SOD protects against environmental assault and premature aging. The body also makes its own SOD, but true to form, slows production as we age (sheesh).

When taken orally, SOD doesn't make it past the digestive stage, so Glisodin encapsulated it in a wheat protein that withstands stomach acids and digestive enzymes until the body can absorb it.

 The all-natural formulations also include therapeutic doses (specific amounts clinically proven to have a measurable effect) of other healthy-skin ingredients. Those include krill oil for its anti-oxidant properties and high levels of omega-3s that reduce inflammation and increase hydration; hyaluronic acid for its ability to increase moisture levels and thus firmness; lycopene for its ability to repair UV damage; cacao bean, a potent antioxidant that improves skin's circulation; and sea buckthorn berry oil for its vitamins, minerals and cartenoids that enhance clarity and resiliance. 

glisodin nutricosmetics skin nutrients

Glisodin Skin Nutrients

The Glisodin range includes an Advanced Detoxification Formula ($125/30 sachets) that encourages the body through a stress-free skin-clearing cleanse; Advanced Daily Formula ($95/month) that promises a smoother, calmer, rejuvenated complexion; Advanced Skin Brightening Formula ($80/month) designed to even out skin tone and temper sun damage; and a dual-phase Advanced Pre/Post Formula Kit that boosts healing after cosmetic procedures ($150/phase).

I've just finished a couple of months of Glisodin Advanced Daily Formula and am pleased to see my skin looking as though I'm getting enough sleep, water and vitamin-rich nutrition. I'm starting to help by making better food choices – lifestyle support means a bigger bang for the supplement buck – so I expect to see even better results at the end of month three, especially with exercise back in the mix (really, I swear, honest).

Oh, the made-in-Canada connection? It's Ontario native Corina Crysler, who formulated the line. A nutritionist with a BSc in food chemistry, she's the exec director of Isocell North America Inc., the North-American arm of the company that makes Glisodin.

GliSODin Skin Nutrients Professional Nutricosmetics are available at select dermatologist offices and medi-spas; Image courtesy of Glisodin.