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F is for Frizz-Free: AG re:coil for Curls

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Curly or wavy hair can sometimes be like that danged Forrest Gump box of chocolates -- you never know what you're going to get. Some days you get sweet curls, soft, defined, shiny and frizz free. But other days, not so much. Ugh.

From Canadian brand AG, re:coil shampoo, conditioner and curl-activating balm is one of my favourite good-hair-day groupings. The gentle, sulfate-free, amino-acid-enriched shampoo and moisturizing conditioner ($20 CAN each) make my kinda coarse wavy hair softer and more supple, easier to manage. The curl-activating balm ($19) moisturizes too, and controls frizz with enough hold to help lazy curls keep their shape. Just a little gets the job done, and applying it on wet hair (vs damp) allows for twisting random sections into defined curls that stay put if undisturbed as hair dries. (Diffusing is a good idea but I usually don't bother. Low maintenance, I like to say.)

I got such consistent results with AG's re:coil trio that I had to stop myself from replacing it when I finished it -- I wouldn't have tried anything else. And God knows I can't trust the staff to do the testing for me.

AG re:coil is available at select salons across Canada and the US. Image courtesy of AG.