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More Chocolatey: Hershey's Milk Chocolate

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Is it wrong to talk chocolate on a Monday morning? Whoops -- too late.

Some time ago, Hershey Canada cleverly discerned that Canadians craved milk chocolate with a creamier and more chocolatey taste. The five bars above answer the demand with a tweaked recipe that includes cocoa from three types of beans: Forestaro (most commonly used for its intense cocoa flavour; from West Africa), Criollo (a fruity-flavoured cocoa bean from Latin America), and Trinitario (flavours range from earthy to spicy to acidic; from the Caribbean).

In a taste-test comparison with the "before" Hershey's milk chocolate, the new recipe is noticeably smoother, creamier and more intensely chocolate. It's softer, too -- I had to keep my samples in the fridge because they got melty fairly quickly otherwise. (The meltier consistency is also easily managed by a decision to eat no more than a few squares at once, it turns out.)

My faves out of the five exclusive-to-Canada flavours are Almonds + Toffee and Black Cherry + Almonds. Because they're so chocolatey, it only takes a few squares to hit the choco-spot nicely, and of course they go particularly well with a cup of tea or coffee.

So, how's your morning so far?

Hershey's new Milk Chocolate bars are available pretty much wherever chocolate bars are sold. Images courtesy of Hershey Canada.


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