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F is for Footnote: Rocky Mountain Soap Company Foot & Sandal Mist

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Not to knock the standard pepperminty-fresh foot sprays out there, but sometimes mint just ain't your foot flavour of choice. Rocky Mountain Soap Company, a British Columbia-based company that specializes in all-natural body care, has something a little different in the mist. Their Foot & Sandal Mist ($12.49 CAN) kicks away the stink and fungal nasties with lemongrass, patchouli, grapefruit and fir-needle essential oils, cools with witch hazel and naturally-derived alcohol, and maintains hydration with glycerin.

Bonus? Based on a male Canadian Living colleague's specific desire for a non-pepperminty foot spray, I'm thinking Rocky Mountain's version should appeal to the fellas and their shoes, too.

I'll try it on Ryan and let you know how our next game of footsie goes.

Available at select stores in British Columbia and Alberta, and via