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F is for Fifteen: 15 Body Lotions under $15... + Live Clean Baby Moisturizing Body Lotion

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When I filed this just-published "15 Best Body Lotions for Less than $15" story for, Live Clean's Baby line hadn't yet made its debut. Well, it has now, and it's messing with my numbers. I want to add something to my list of 15. But it makes 16. What to do?

Numbers, shmumbers. Fifteen or 16, it's about budget-friendly choices that make your skin feel good. Whether or not you have wee kiddies, Live Clean Baby Moisturizing Baby Lotion ($6.99 CAN) certainly fits the reasonable bill for wallet, earth, and body. Formulated for the most delicate and sensitive among us, the 98-percent plant-based lotion calms dry, itchy, adult skin quickly and leaves a clean, utterly appealing baby-fresh scent (similar to baby powder but not as cloying).

However, I do wish this were in a pump bottle rather than a squeezie. I have enough trouble with a tube when I'm mid-application and grab it with lotion-y hands for more. A pump is easier, particularly for mothers who often need both hands when dealing with wriggling infants.

Like the rest of the Live Clean family of Canadian eco-friendly hair-and-body care, the baby collection is biodegradeable, free of parabens, phthalates and animal products, and housed in recyclable packaging. And if you do have kids, this baby lotion could come in handy for counting games: one for you, one for me....

Live Clean Baby is available at Loblaws, Wal-Mart, Pharma-Plus, London Drugs and Sobey's (Maritimes). Image courtesy of Live Clean.


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