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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Valentino (plus more awesome anecdotes from Valentino director Matt Tyrnauer)

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“I make dresses for women who actually wear them.”
Valentino Garavani

If I were skinny I would wear that was my muted mental soundtrack to most of Valentino: The Last Emperor, especially during the scenes showing a beautiful airy white dress with sequin-edged ribbon-like strips adorning the long skirt. The soundtrack's pretty loud right now because I'd also wear the ensemble Gwyneth Paltrow showed off at the March 2009 premiere in New York City at The Museum of Modern Art in the The Roy and Niuta Titus I Theater. Really, I love the pintucked strapless bodice of the dress she wore here, posing with Valentino and his business partner, companion and one-time boyfriend Giancarlo Giammetti. (Love her flawless, simple hair and makeup, too.)

Valentino on Martha Stewart: "she's rather large"

Martha Stewart was also at that premiere (I would not wear that outfit). Wonder if she knows that when she went to visit the gardens at Valentino's gorgeous home in France, he had no idea who she was? Tyrnauer told us at Monday's film preview that in fact Valentino had said to him, "But Matt, she's rather large." (Imagine how I felt sitting next to him for an as-yet-unseen photo at his fragrance launch back in 2006!) And, because Valentino is so not involved with the mundane, he was bewildered when Stewart asked him how he keeps his moat clean. (Yes, moat.)

Launching Rock'n Rose

I've reminisced some about meeting Valentino in 2006 at the launch of the Rock’n Rose perfume, the first in a family of Rock’n Rose scents (Rock’n Rose, Rock’n Rose Couture, Rock’n Rose Pret-A-Porter and new Rock’n Dreams, which hasn't yet launched in North America. I remember my sample bottle of Rock’n Rose was confiscated at LaGuardia even though the box was sealed and shrinkwrapped. I'm pretty sure the airport guy gave it to his girlfriend; he wanted to know all about the scent).

At the event party held at 7 World Trade Center, photographer Nikola Tamindzic captured the fashion fabulous on camera for Gawker. Along with snaps of Zac Posen, Candice Bushnell and Ivanka Trump, I found, to my amusement, a photo of Smarmy Adam, Allie's cheating male-model boyfriend from last season's "The City". I also found a shot of so-pretty French-Canadian beauty journalist Judith Ritchie who was part of our Canadian-media contingent on the trip. (She doesn't know it, but the lovely Judith always triggers my beauty-and-style envy issues -- don't tell! And she'll be the Made-in-Canada connection for this post, so there.)

Valentino on Orlando Bloom: "I'm going to freak up."

Valentino was there with a posse of peeps of course. Which reminds me, I've yet another Matt Tyrnauer anecdote to share from Monday's Toronto Valentino preview. Apparently, dining with Valentino without his entourage is... interesting. The entire first course is usually taken up with Valentino trying to find out from Tyrnauer (who is a journalist as well as filmmaker) whether Tom Cruise is gay. After that he likes turn his attention to Orlando Bloom: "If I find Orlando Bloom, she gay, I'm going to freak up," quotes Tyrnauer in his Valentino voice.

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