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F is for Family Photos: Win a GTA Shoot

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My friend Holly is up to something fun. She's looking to get Ellen's attention. Ellen DeGeneres. And Portia de Rossi's attention, too. I like it.

Holly Sisson is an accomplished natural-light photographer with a gift for catching family moments and full-of-love portraits. (She also does appealing headshots -- I did makeup for a shoot with her client Liz.) Fired-up by the connection between Ellen and Portia in their wedding day vid, Holly started, a chance to win a photoshoot of you and your love(s). She's asking the submission of "a jpeg of who you love and why you want to win a photoshoot," and would die in a good way if Ellen and Portia were able to serve as judges re: who should win. (You can help by tweeting @TheEllenShow about

I've been thinking about this It isn't directly linked to community trade, to building schools for underpriveleged kids, to saving our ecosystem. Yet -- and I know I'm being corny but I can't help it -- it is linked. How? In this texting, tweeting, video-gaming, movie-downloading (don't look at me, my computer can't do that), social-media, online world, we give great mental time and consideration to causes for needy people, dire situations, life-altering issues. But how often do we think to capture a moment around someone we love, with someone we love? Sure we take a gazillion phone or digi snaps of ourselves hanging with our peeps for Facebook and twitpic. But a good, sensitive pro-photog makes photos special, makes the moments she captures special. Corny wind-up? That lovey-dovey stuff feeds the other good stuff we want to do.

I'm thinking of my brilliant folks, and my gorgeous nieces, cousins, aunts. Of my clever, heart-beautiful friends, with their wonderful partners, awesome kids/nieces/nephews, adorable pets. And I wonder... what's all-a-y'all doin' the weekend of maybe -- how's September 5th, is everyone good to be in a photoshoot September 5th?

And sure, Holly would lovelovelove to photograph Ellen and Portia on their first wedding anniversary in August. Who wouldn't? It's all love, baby. And beeyootiful.


Images completely swiped from by Holly Sisson.


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