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F is for Fluffy: The Cover FX #160 Cream Foundation Brush

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Cover FX cream foundation brush 160_$38

I have been meaning to gush about my Cover FX #160 Cream Foundation Brush ($38) forever. The shape of its natural, goat-hair bristle head unnerved me at first -- I was more used to the standard foundation brush with its flatter, paint-brush look. But when it was the last clean foundation applicator on a big wedding gig, I gave it a go and fell in love. With this dense, yet fluffy-top brush, I can lightly buff cream or liquid foundation over the skin for a smooth, even finish in less time than when I use a flattie.

Whoa, shortest product post ever. Looks like Fluffy saved me time here, too. Sweet.

Cover Fx is available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora, and in the US at and Also available via; image courtesy of Cover FX.