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Noxzema Reviews: BeautyGeeks Readers on Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream

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For me, Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream has a nostalgic pull -- it was one of the first cleansers my mum bought for me when I was a teen in need of a beauty regimen for my oily skin. A clear mental recall of its distinct scent, texture and cooling sensation on skin comes rushing back at the mere mention of the brand; using it again has been a kind of bathroom time travel.

Plus, on mornings when my skin feels like someone saran-wrapped it when I was dreaming of Ryan Reynolds, the Noxzema tingle gets right through that oil and wakes up my complexion.

I'm not the only one who has a strong way-back association with the cleanser. Childhood memories of Noxzema use for various reasons cropped up in the original post's comments, and one reader e.mailed me to say she's been using Noxzema as her cleanser for more than 30 years (yes, she was awfully young when she started).

BeautyGeeks asked Canadian subscribers, male and female, to try Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream and provide their feedback on its texture, its scent, how it feels on their skin, how well it cleanses and how it makes their skin feel after use. You'll find their reviews in the comments below, posted over the next several days as each reader is ready to weigh in. Thanks so much, everyone!

Noxzema skincare is available at drugstores and mass retailers as well as at (free shipping in Canada; no minimum order).