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Happy July: Made-in-Canada Month

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Happy Canada Day! And welcome to Made-in-Canada Month, 31 days of Canadian-made beauty treats, tips and experts to know. Non-Canadian stuff will pop up as well, but as an extra post. Here's hoping the staff will pull her weight. She seems keen.


To celebrate Canada's birthday, you should have presents. In addition to BeautyGeeks' Physicians Formula makeup-for-your-eye-colour prize, you want to know about Lipstick Powder n Paint's bigChristmas-in-July Giveaway, which is about presents every day this month. The intrepid woman behind the site, Canadian Lesley Ellen Mirza (right, in a photo I swiped from her Facebook profile -- tee hee!), is a lovely friend who shared loads of advice and warm encouragement when I was thinking about dipping a toe into the blog pool. She's also a gutsy, adventurous type, who gave up a career as an event planner in Vancouver to concentrate on her growing online venture in Toronto, Canada's hubub of beauty-product launches.

If you don't already know Lipstick Powder n Paint, pop over for what's-new beauty coverage, reviews, and interviews with industry experts. You'll also want to check out LPNP's sister site, Lipstick Lifestyle, for accessory, decor, travel and good-living finds.

Happy reading, and good luck in the winning!