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Waterproof!: GOSH Extreme Art Eye Liner

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You want waterproof? You'll get more waterproof than you can handle with GOSH Extreme Art liquid eye liner ($16) -- in a good way -- especially in icky, makeup-melty summertime humidity.

I've heard tales of this stuff staying on for days. In fact, I heard exactly that kind of story from a friend of mine, a savvy beauty editor at another of my favourite Canadian beauty magazines (I won't use her name because I haven't asked permission to tell!). She wore the liquid liner on a beach in Mexico a little while ago and loved its stay-put sass. But she'd forgotten her takes-off-the-waterproof makeup remover in Toronto; by the third day, in desperation, she resorted to using Vaseline as remover because she was tired of hiding behind her sunglasses. (Hey, just because it stays put for days doesn't mean it looks good past day one.)

GOSH cosmetics are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and in the US at


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