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Cold-Sore Fix: Zeno CS Treatment Device

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Cold sores are a bit of a heavy Monday topic. At least that's the staff's opinion. But I like the idea that folks who deal with cold sores may now have at hand something to speed healing.

Approved by Health Canada, the Zeno CS unit ($129), promises to help fast-forward through the cold-sore cycle with controlled doses of heat. Administered via direct contact with the tip of the hand-held device, the heat causes no pain yet destroys the active viral cells. Zeno CS clinical trials reportedly showed that four-minute treatments every four to six hours healed cold sores in about three days, half the time it took for untreated outbreaks to diminish.

Does it really work? BeautyGeeks and Zeno CS are happy to give a Canadian-based subscriber a chance to find out. Click here to become a subscriber if you aren't already, then send an e.mail to with ZENO CS in the subject line (very important so your entry is filed correctly). In the body of the e.mail,  please include your name, age, address and phone number (the info will only be used to send you your prize). Entry deadline is Monday June 29th.

Note: Cold sores can be triggered by stress, extreme weather conditions, exhaustion, hormones and sun exposure. Guard against breakouts by looking after yourself and taking time to recharge. Bring on the summer vacation (and your SPF)!

The Zeno CS device is available only in Canada and exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. Visit for more information.


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