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F is for Feet: Airplus Coolmax Insoles

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Summer + shoes = sweaty, uncomfortable feet. Ick. As well, frankly, most flat shoes these days have as much foot support as a pair of slippers, the soles are so cheap and thin.

Airplus for women offers as their comfort solution Coolmax Everyday Performance insoles ($15.99 per pair), breathable foam inserts designed to keep shoe temperatures down. They also provide a much-needed layer of cushioning between the sidewalk and your hardworking feet. (Having a shoe-repair shop add a sole to thin-soled flats will help too, as well as lengthen the life of the shoes.)

Coolmax insoles are also treated with an antimicrobial finish to discourage odour-causing bacteria. So you can walk softly without carrying a big stink.

Airplus Coolmax Everyday Performance are available for men and women at select drugstores and mass retailers. Image courtesy of Airplus.


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