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Deflation: Victoria Beckham gets Breast Reduction on Advice from Anna Wintour

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According to reports televised and online, Victoria Beckham got a couple things off her chest in the name of fashion. Yep, the Victoria Beckham breast reduction thing has happened. She's figured out that melon-ball implants are perhaps not the most editorial-friendly accessories. A deep longing to score the American Vogue cover apparently has Beckham cosying up to Anna Wintour; it's also opened her up to friendly coaching from W, who played fairy godmother to Oprah's cover too with gentle drop-pounds encouragement. This time it's all about a Victoria Beckham breast reduction.

Well, Wintour ain't wrong about a smaller cup. For years I've told my less-endowed sister that her physique is more suited to chic than my more generous shape. Don't smirk, I'm actually not maligning my sister's proportions. I just recognized early on that busty interferes with sophisticated lines.

One tv broadcast suggested the Victoria Beckham breast reduction occurred because VB felt her rounders weren't in keeping with the trends. Word is that Denise Richards has also downsized. And you know what? I'm totally hoping they start a trend toward having smaller boobs. It's about time the AAs, As and Bs felt good about being themselves. See the difference in chic HERE.

Now we just have to work on that too-dark skin.