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Snip-Snip: Tweezerman Hangnail Snipper

File this tool under: "however did I ever live without this?"
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Ever ripped a hangnail off? Fun, huh? In fact, the staff used it as an excuse for not doing any work yesterday. Cuz her finger was all red and hurting. *rolls eyes*

If you're prone to "debilitating" hangnails like the staff, you need the Tweezerman Cuticle & Hangnail Snipper ($36 CAN/$20 US), which comes with a snap-closure sleeve so you can stow it safely. Shaped a like tweezers, the stainless-steel snipper has super-sharp angled tips that trim those painful hangnails and raggedy, hanging-off cuticle bits in a simple wee nip. Genius. Seriously better than using a nail clipper for the same job. Also, the smooth, curved, opposite end is shaped for gently pushing cuticles back.

This handy thing is one of my can't-do-without items. I always know where it is so I can find it in a hangnail emergency. I'd get one for the staff, but she's not allowed near anything sharp.

UPDATE: the Tweezerman Cuticle & Hangnail Snipper has become the Mini Cuticle Nipper ($18 CAD or $13 USD at

Tweezerman tools are available at drugstores in Canada, and drugstores and in the US. Image courtesy of Tweezerman.