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Snip-Snip: Tweezerman Hangnail Snipper


Ever ripped a hangnail off? Fun, huh? In fact, the staff used it as an excuse for not doing any work yesterday. Cuz her finger was all red and hurting. *rolls eyes*

If you're prone to "debilitating" hangnails like the staff, you need the Tweezerman Cuticle & Hangnail Snipper ($36 CAN/$20 US), which comes with a snap-closure sleeve so you can stow it safely. Shaped a like tweezers, the stainless-steel snipper has super-sharp angled tips that trim those painful hangnails and raggedy, hanging-off cuticle bits in a simple wee nip. Genius. Seriously better than using a nail clipper for the same job. Also, the smooth, curved, opposite end is shaped for gently pushing cuticles back.

This handy thing is one of my can't-do-without items. I always know where it is so I can find it in a hangnail emergency. I'd get one for the staff, but she's not allowed near anything sharp.

Tweezerman tools are available at drugstores in Canada, and drugstores and in the US. Image courtesy of Tweezerman.


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