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Hidey-Ho: Joe Fresh Beauty Duo Concealer

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I expected the Joe Fresh Duo Concealer to be decent. If you're familiar with founder Joseph Mimran's history in design world, with Club Monaco, Club Monaco cosmetics, Caban, President's Choice HOME as well as Joe Fresh, you expect style and good quality.

Still, the Duo Concealer (liquid at one end and a stick version at the other) surprised me. For $8 CAN, it's better than decent. Pretty good stuff, actually. The creamy liquid blends smoothly over under-eye circles and has enough pigment to camouflage darkness with just a dab. The solid side has a creamy texture as well, not waxy, and when set with powder does the trick over blemishes (the bastards) or any area in need of more coverage, like the red areas around the base of the nose.

At the moment the Duo Concealer is available only in light, medium and dark (medium works for me), but the price makes it easy to pick up an extra in the lighter or darker shade if you need to customize. I'm thinking to pick up the other two for my kit, actually.

By the way, thumbs up as well for the easy-blend Cheek Tint solid stick in Berry, and the Lip Stain in Peach. At $4 and $6 respectively, they also deliver the goods at better-than-great prices.

Image courtesy of Joe Fresh Beauty. For store locations visit


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