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Six Scents: Fruits & Passion Fragrance Discovery Kit

Fooler notes, and fragrance speed-dating. I have some issues with perfume. But you won't, with this great gift.
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I call the top notes of a fragrance -- what you smell when you sniff the bottle and when you first spritz the stuff on your skin -- "fooler" notes. They either beckon and beguile you into wanting a new perfume only to find it's awful on you, or they fail to impress so you dismiss the perfume without ever finding out it was your perfect new signature scent.

I also think of the first 15 minutes of a fragrance on skin as a first date. So far so good. What comes after that is either a bad end to the evening if the scent starts to smell terrible on you, a possible second date if you don't mind it, or Long-Term-Commitment if love blossoms between the juice and your body chem.

So, choosing fragrance is tricky, even moreso if you're choosing for someone else. In a concept we need to see more, Fruits & Passion is helping out with a six-scent fragrance sampler kit. Called The Pleasure of Choosing ($38), the slim box contains samples of the company's top sellers, Blue, Green Tea, Orchid, Apple Illusion, Human and Grapefruit-Guava, plus a gift card for a full-size eau de toilette (valued from $28 to $40) of the recipient's favourite. Genius.

I'm so calling this kit "fragrance speed-dating."