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Susan Boyle: Her Makeover on the Semi-Finals Stage

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Susan Boyle's cleared another performance hurdle and finally put her makeover on official international display. Has she had peels, a wee bit of Botox and a slight hit of fillers under her eyes and in her smile brackets (a nicer term than nasolabial folds if you ask me) and lips? I can't be definitive on the subject on account she's released no details on such specifics and I'm not her cosmetic derm, but you can compare her most recent performance look with this earlier image. Could be lighting and much better makeup -- we'll find out soon enough.

I'm not judging, by the way. She's clearly enjoying herself immensely, feeling pretty fabulous and still sassing Simon fearlessly. Yay Susan!

[dailymotion id=x9dyjj]

Read Susan's made-the-finals story at the TimesOnline.



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