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Stain+Gloss=Love (Again): The Body Shop Hot Brights Lip Shine/Cheek Stain

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Thought for a change I'd get the staff in a shot to demo my newest gloss obsession, but no go. That girl does not like a camera. Weird. So you're stuck with my mug again. Advice: focus on the lip-pretty, the The Body Shop Hot Brights Lip Shine/Cheek Stain in shade 01 ($18), from the brand's summer makeup collection.

The sheer red stain, which on cheeks delivers a childlike rosy flush, goes on lips easily and evenly and dries down without drying lips out (if you've never tried it, it's also more subtle than you'd think). I give it a couple of seconds before slicking the fruity shimmer gloss on top for a luscious finish. But half an hour later, the finish is oddly better -- doesn't really show in the photo, but trust me. The pretty somehow steps up a few notches.

Honestly, I'd resolved not to go on about yet another lip thingie, at least not for weeks yet. But with each application I'd think, "love this colour" and "should I post about this?"

Now I can think just "love this colour."

The Body Shop Hot Brights summer collection is available at The Body Shop boutiques and online.

P.S. I'm not wearing any mascara or eye liner in this photo -- I got me some lash extensions!