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F is for Frequency: Siemens Vibe Crest Hearing Aids Hit a Fashion Radar

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I'm pretty certain the Siemens Vibe is the coolest hearing aid ever. The first hearing instrument to fit securely in the crest of the ear, it's customizeable with interchangeable, snap-on colours and graphic patterns. Think hearing accessory, one that's more than just its pretty face.

Vibe uses transient noise supression technology called SoundSmoothing® to improve audio-frequency clarity, such as speech in not-entirely-quiet areas, as well as something called FeedbackBlocker technology to minimize or eliminate feedback issues. As well, a unique microphone and eight-channel digital signal processing makes use of the way sound moves over the outer-ear contours into the ear canal. Its unique fit also makes wearing glasses, sunglasses and bicycle helmets easy because it doesn't have a behind-the-ear component.

Siemens has more twists on the traditional hearing aid here, each high tech and designed to fit your style and life, and for kids too. Sweet music to your ears, right?

Find a hearing specialist in your area at Images courtesy of Siemens Hearing Instruments.



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