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Spring Cleaning: Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions Event @ The Bay, May 21 to 27

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Got makeup junk? Don't deny it. Even my should-know-better staff has past-its-discard-date stuff. So if she meets all her deadlines, I'm thinking to send her to the free Clinique Makeup Bag Confessions event, which runs from May 21st to the 27th at The Bay across Canada. She ignores all my sage advice; maybe she'll take some from a Clinique beauty advisor on what to toss and what to keep, where to spend and where to save, how to avoid impulse buys she'll never use, and how to look polished without needing to buy enough to stock her own cosmetics boutique (sheesh).

Staff's such an extreme case, though, that it may take a poor advisor the better part of the week to get through to her, so there won't be much time left for anyone else. Plus she's going to take forever deciding between the two Mini Beauty Kit gifts Clinique is offering to participants. Better call your nearest Clinique counter to reserve a space, asap.

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