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F is for Follow Up: Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Style Primer for Wavy Hair

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For the last 30 days or so, I've been letting fame go to my head. Why not? It takes almost no time and almost no effort, gives me great waves and curls, and it looks like I won't run out for at least a couple more months. Two thumbs up for Sally Hershberger Style Primer for Wavy Hair ($11.99 CAN), one of the celebrity hairstylist's new-to-Canada styling products.

Hershberger says the primer can be used as a base upon which to layer other styling product to boost their performance, but I prefer to use it on its own.

Four or five foamy pumps of the stuff squished into my towel-blotted hair gives my lid good texture, definition and shine. Actually, it feels like I'm putting shampoo foam into my hair, which shouldn't be a surprise since the product contains surfactants that are usually found in cleansers. But I like the effect, and for girls with wavy or curly hair, effect is big important.

Hey look, I'm making fame work for me.

Sally Hershberger haircare is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. Image courtesy of Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Haircare.*