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Bang Blowout: How to Blowdry Bangs (Even if You Have a Cowlick), with NYC Hair Stylist Eva Scrivo

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How to blow dry bangs if you have a cowlick

Got full bangs? Step away from the round brush. Big round 1980s cheerleader bangs are so... 1980s. Get into modern beauty times by using a flat, oval brush with a mix of plastic and boar bristles instead, says New York City stylist Eva Scrivo in the video below as she demonstrates blowdrying technique that puts even pesky cowlicks in their place.

Scrivo's good-bang blowdry tips:

  1. Starting from a middle part at the crown, section wet bangs into a triangle, with an outer points at each temple.
  2. Section off the front-most part of the triangle, straight across, and clip the rest out of the way.
  3. Use a blowdryer with a nozzle attachment to direct airflow at hair while pulling bangs smooth from underneath with your oval brush a couple of times.
  4. Then brush bangs in a criss-cross motion flat against your forehead as you blowdry -- a key move if you have a cowlick to tame.
  5. Section a second part of the wet bangs straight across above the first, clip the remainder out of the way, and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. With the last section, repeat steps 3 and 4, then smooth entire bang from underneath with the brush, holding it so the back is flat against your forehead.

Heck, just watch the video. You'll never have a bad-bang day again. Bad-bang hair day, I mean.

Learn How To Do Bangs like Eva Scrivo from on Vimeo.