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Susan Boyle: Makeover or Not, No Matter

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You know what, Susan? Makeover or not, no-one can take away this incredible experience you're living or the past that led you here. Nothing you do will change that you'll always have the coolest. career. story. ever.

The staff is free with her opinion that I'm all creepy addressing Susan Boyle directly in a little post Susan will never see. Staff's a bit dim and doesn't understand it's for effect. Geez.

Anyway, just found this clip on YouTube via adorable MTV host Dan Levy's Doop newsletter. Was the program idea to have Michael Barrymore derail each on-stage person's performance any way he could while the audience giggles uncontrollably? Standard show op or not, Susan never misses a beat (at least not from what we can see; there's a blip in the middle), and exhibits the saucy sense of humour she showed off in that hip wiggle at Simon Cowell on "Britain's Got Talent." And her voice is amazing in this oddly awful yet triumphant TV piece of her career path.

I know I'm a little obsessed. But I just love a good story.



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