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Enter to WIN: Genuine Health Healthy Skin Chocolate Soft Chews

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No argument: what we ingest shows up on skin. Drink lots of water, eat a low-sugar, low-fat diet of foods rich in antioxidants and omegas 3 and 6, and watch your skin glow with health.

Chocolate isn't usually on that list of give-skin-a-glow edibles, not unless you're using it -- ahem -- creatively. Genuine Health has gone a different creative route with the launch of Healthy Skin Chocolate Soft Chews, aiming to satisfy your sweet-tooth and sweet-skin cravings at the same time.

One of the most potent antioxidants in the Soft Chews is cacao-seed extract, which boosts skin elasticity and hydration, reduces roughness, and can help skin bounce back a little better from sun irritation and damage. Other antioxidants such as lycopene and vitamins C, E and B2 are in the mix too. So is fish collagen extract, which supplies similar-to-human collagen building blocks to improve tone.

Three chews is a day's dosage and clocks in at 70 calories. They don't taste like a melty chocolate bar or your favourite sinful choco treat I'm sure, but as far as chocolate-toffee flavours go, Healthy Skin Chews are soft, chocolatey and, yes, tasty, enough to satisfy a not-too-sweet treat craving.

If you're a Canada-based BeautyGeeks subscriber(become one here), you can enter to win a package of Genuine Health Healthy Skin Chocolate Soft Chews ($24.99 CAN for 45 pieces). Just send an e.mail with HEALTHY SKIN CHEWS in the subject line and your name, address and telephone number in the body to by Friday May 8th.

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Genuine Health Healthy Skin Chocolate Soft Chews are available at health-food stores and select drug and grocery stores; visit for more information. Image courtesy of Genuine Health.