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F is for Fifteen Minutes: "Look-A-Like" Auditions in Toronto this Weekend

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Turns out I'm a terrible "extra." I was on set for this season's "Look-A-Like" episode featuring Nicoletta (above with the show's makeup expert Paul Venoit) as Drew Barrymore, and hopefully you won't notice me lurking in the background in the last few scenes as celebrity photographer David Goldman snaps away. I was too busy mentally comparing everything to what I'd seen in previous episodes to relax into the keep-it-hopping flow.

But hey, the episode isn't about me. It's about Nicoletta, a bubbly 19-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, who usually wears very little makeup and spends most of her time riding horses. "People tell me a lot that I look like Drew Barrymore," she says, watching the cosmetic changes unfold. (From some angles, Nicoletta also looks like Lindsay Lohan in healthier days.) She likes her newly red hair, transformed from a blonde-streaked brown by Jeffrey Altenburg, the show's hair stylist. "I'm going to keep it," she says about the colour. A self-described low-maintenance girl unless she's going out with friends, she says she's really enjoyed soaking up pro tips from Altenburg, Venoit and fashion stylist Alissia Marciano. "I've seen the show before, and it's been even more fun than I expected," says Nicoletta. "Everyone's so fun and so nice."

A Canadian production, "Look-A-Like" is heading into its sixth season and has snagged a huge audience south of the border and internationally. The team has also appeared on "Rachel Ray" to talk Nicole-Richie-inspired style, and is taping their second guest spot with Rachel next week in NYC.

A half-hour broadcast on the Star! network here, the program is an hour long in the US, with a closing segment in which team members answer a reader question and recap key hair, makeup or wardrobe tips from the show. At the end of this episode, Venoit talks about tweaking makeup to suit a new hair colour. He highlights the soft, sultry smokey eye for a redhead with pale skin, and encourages a modern mix of cool and warm shades. "Here I used metallic grey shadow overlaid with bronze to warm it, and on cheekbones and lips I echoed the gold tones from Nicoletta's eyes."

Want your own 15 minutes of celeb-style fame? "Look-A-Like" auditions start at 9:30 am this Saturday and Sunday, May 2nd and 3rd, at 254 Niagara St. in Toronto. Visit for details.