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F is for Face: Jessica Biel Signs With Revlon

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Jessica Biel Signs With Revlon

Jessica Biel has joined Hollywood beauties Halle Berry, Elle Macpherson, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Connelly as a celebrity representative for Revlon. The actress, who gets tons of press these days as Justin Timberlake's girlfriend, first hit tv screens in the wholesome family drama "7th Heaven," then hit the scandal sheets with a topless shoot for Gear magazine in an attempt to break out of her goody-goody "7th Heaven" image.

I admit it, Blade: Trinity is my favourite film in which she's appeared, and not just because I like to put Ryan Reynold's shirtless-and-shackled scenes on a constant DVD loop. Biel's insanely fit -- nay, ripped -- physique in that movie makes me want to work out.

Speaking of working out, Biel, Connelly and Alba are scheduled to participate in the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) Revlon Run/Walk for Women in NYC tomorrow to help raise funds to fight women's cancers.

Hey, I have just enough time to get a Blade: Trinity viewing in before the gym closes if I don't rewind Reynold's scenes too many times. Wish me luck.

(Note: see how coppery bronze looks great with green eyes? That red-brown shade would also make hazel eyes pop.)

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