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The Tying Game: How to Tie a Scarf

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how to tie a scarf

leopard-print scarf, smart set

My friend Julia McEwen's exuberant style sense is a fashion bright spot in any day I see her. She's the assistant style/beauty editor at Canadian Living magazine. But when she said she'd done an online how-to vid on tying scarves, I showed her my puzzled, are-you-kidding-me? expression. I'm thinking little silk square scarves and wondering how even super-fab Julia could make those things look current.

Well duh. Although I have a few I wear in an attempt to conceal winter blimp-out proportions, scarves aren't really on my fashion radar. I'm a shoes/bags/jewelry accessories girl. At the words "how to tie a scarf," I flashbacked to flight-attendant type how-to stories from my mum's magazines in the late '70s, early '80s. I'd forgotten wear-with-everything scarves like this gauze leopard-print number from Smart Set ($16 CAN).

Now inspired by Julia's Five Ways to Tie a Scarf tutorial, I'm getting into the tying game.

Wait 'til Clive-O gets home.

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